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Wazo Pevu Organization (WPO)

Wazo Pevu Organization (WPO) is a non-governmental organization registered in Tanzania 2013 with a registration No NGO/00007426. WPO is a local initiative that attempts to begin a transition by improving the quality of life style of the youth and that of disadvantaged or the vulnerable groups or individual through entrepreneurial training and providing counseling education. We envision flourishing youth voiding poverty and despair.

We believe that youth are productive and essential tools if we put more efforts towards them. In 2015 and 2016, WPO expanded their activities to more than 356 young people around Kilimanjaro region, both rural and Urban that provides life skills, business education, mentoring and access to finance and industry specific apprenticeship opportunities to marginalized African youth ages between 18 and 35.

Our mission is to act as society development catalyst by facilitating participatory processes which empower society with knowledge and skills which enable them to engage constructively with government and other Stakeholders to secure their social and economic rights.

Our vision statement is the community to have access to social and economic rights.


If you have questions or interest in Wazo Pevu Organization you are very welcome to contact us. We are always open to suggestions and new partners.

Wazo Pevu Organization
P.o. Box 7236, Moshi
Moshi, Tanzania

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