Without your financial support our work is not possible.  To contribute any amount to our general fund please donate. WPO is a non-governmental organization without any financial link of support from the government. Our programs depend mainly from donations from institutions and friends from all over the world. While we are in the process of establishing country based friends who could help us in collecting the donations and transfer them to us, we shall also create a PayPal Account for such purpose.


Planned giving, or charitable gifts that are arranged now to be realized sometime in the future, helps WPO secure long-term stability.Through a planned gift, your legacy can provide WPO with financial security that allows us to spend less time fundraising, and more time focusing on our mission.There are many planned giving methods, and gifts can even be made in the name of loved ones. Types of planned gifts include investment funds, retirement accounts, property, and many more. If you are interested in supporting WPOs’ growth and establishing your legacy, consider planned giving.

WPO accepts funds and materials for vocational skills training, books, and data processing equipments from individuals and institutions not linked or involved with terrorism, money launders or drug dealers.


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