Wazo Pevu Organization works closely with a group of women residing on the slope of Mount Kilimanjaro, located in Uru Shimbwe/Mawela in the rural area of Moshi. WPO assists the women, known as the Neema Group, in areas of health education and wellness, daily living, and vocational self-sufficiency. Living with HIV/AIDS, the Neema women experience stigma and discrimination from surrounding communities fearful of virus transmission, and as a result, face both social and economic hardships. These hardships create barriers to health care that can prevent or delay diagnosis, treatment, and successful outcome of the virus/disease, thus leading to increased transmission, morbidity, and mortality. WPO is continually working to provide community education and awareness of HIV/AIDS, not only to eradicate ignorance associated with the virus/disease but also to increase social and economic opportunities for those infected or affected by it (orphans, expectant mothers, widows/widowers). 

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