Magdalena Lameck Mollel, 41 years old. Group chairwoman.

‘’We are ‘’Umoja Women Group’’ a Maasai women group.  participated in Entrepreneurial training back in 2016 The training is facilitated by Wazo Pevu Organization and our group emerged as the runner up in Kilimanjaro entrepreneurship competition which was initiated by Junior Achievement Africa Tanzania. Through the training, we were able to learn new techniques on how to increase our capital, market research, and expansion, establishment of new business, division of responsibilities, problem-solving and how to work and do business as a team which enable us to have more individuals business and expanding our group business. ‘’through which has improved my life.’’

Salehe Kulaka, 30 years – Fisherman

“I joined Wazo Pevu Entrepreneurial training in 2017, by that time I had no business at all despite living in the area with a lot of opportunities. Though the training, I learned how to establish and do business differently, I came up with the idea of fishing and added value whereby I do home delivery and don’t wait for customers. In that way I have enough customers, hence generating income to come cover my family basic expenses.’’

Perpetua Daniel Herman, 17 years old, Londoto village

‘’After losing my parents, I had no hope of continuing with education. Wazo organization through the Nipe Nafasi program paid my tuition fees and cover all my necessary needs for my hotel management studies. Without this program, I had no chance of continuing with the school.’’

Philippa Shayo, 21 years old, Uru village.

‘’It was not possible for me to continue with my advanced studies due to poor results I got in my ordinary level education, as a girl and caretaker of the family, life was so hard for me. Nipe Nafasi gave me a second chance of going back to school by covering my school fees in my hotel management studies. I hope to finish well and if not employed I will become an entrepreneur.’’

Roland Frank Tarimo, 72 years old, Kahe

‘’The program is very crucial as you see we have received all the basic health care and checkup close to our houses. The distance from here to the main hospital is big and bringing such services near us makes us happy I wish this exercise to be continuous.’’

Eric Moshi Ngilisho, 81 years old, Mwika village

‘’When you look at my age and the way I am sick you will understand how this Medical Caravan is very important for me, as you can see I am very old living alone in a village like this with poor financial status which is even difficult for me to have three meals per day. So, having this service for free has been helpful and God will always bless you.’’